Thursday, November 7, 2013

Depression setting in

There is always that moment where you are starting to feel depressed and you wonder if this is a physical condition or that life needs to change. I am thinking that perhaps today it's a bit of both. 

I'm bored in my current job
I don't have time to paint
My free time is mostly on the train between work and home.

I'm going to the gym to clear my head tonight. Let's see how I feel tomorrow . 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Overall update, NSW fires , card games and body painting

So this month has been a bit tough. Time has not been on my side . Not to mention a nasty sinus infection/cold (exerasberated by the NSW bush fires) . 

Bodypainting .. I have not even had a chance to work in the studio. Next Monday and Tuesday I'm telling everyone ...No! I am not cleaning house No! I am not picking up groceries .No! I am not doing anything other then painting in the studio. 

The card game!
So if you have been reading my other posts you would know that I found an old card game of mine that I would like to publish . I am going to make it free (PDF printout )  with the expansions costing a tiny amount. I'm also considering offering licences to those willing to print and distribute the game. 

Currently I have the play testing version out and hope to get feedback soon. 

I should make a website for this. 

Depression held at bay
Now and then depression sneaks up on me. I started to feel bits of that yesterday. So I got some extra rest , took my vitamins and made sure I hade enough to eat. I am feeling better but still feel a little hopeless. . . 

So I am studying 日本語 and I'm starting to make progress.but I am starting to feel learning theory this app is becoming contextual .. As I kick ass at the game.  Just can't recall the word that I am trying to use.