Monday, February 29, 2016

Still Alive !

So I have been working on a few projects lately ... yes yes I am still alive spelling mistakes and all.

My current project is Role VS roll a card game used to augment Role playing games (Did I mention that I am a geek?)

Here is where you are going to find all the latest info For JackMonkey RPG accessories 

The Idea of Role vs Roll is to encourage better story telling with out taking time from the GM. Each player draws three cards and picks one that will best suit the character. From there they try to be subtle and act out the cards requirements without the other players noticing (this keeps the over acting down and actually makes the players think)

At the end of the session the players will try to guess everyone elses card .. and points are awarded depending on how many players guess what card you drew.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Depression setting in

There is always that moment where you are starting to feel depressed and you wonder if this is a physical condition or that life needs to change. I am thinking that perhaps today it's a bit of both. 

I'm bored in my current job
I don't have time to paint
My free time is mostly on the train between work and home.

I'm going to the gym to clear my head tonight. Let's see how I feel tomorrow . 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Overall update, NSW fires , card games and body painting

So this month has been a bit tough. Time has not been on my side . Not to mention a nasty sinus infection/cold (exerasberated by the NSW bush fires) . 

Bodypainting .. I have not even had a chance to work in the studio. Next Monday and Tuesday I'm telling everyone ...No! I am not cleaning house No! I am not picking up groceries .No! I am not doing anything other then painting in the studio. 

The card game!
So if you have been reading my other posts you would know that I found an old card game of mine that I would like to publish . I am going to make it free (PDF printout )  with the expansions costing a tiny amount. I'm also considering offering licences to those willing to print and distribute the game. 

Currently I have the play testing version out and hope to get feedback soon. 

I should make a website for this. 

Depression held at bay
Now and then depression sneaks up on me. I started to feel bits of that yesterday. So I got some extra rest , took my vitamins and made sure I hade enough to eat. I am feeling better but still feel a little hopeless. . . 

So I am studying 日本語 and I'm starting to make progress.but I am starting to feel learning theory this app is becoming contextual .. As I kick ass at the game.  Just can't recall the word that I am trying to use.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Card games

So all geeks love games...

So a few years back when I was unemployed I came up with the idea of a card game where the players would have to build "spells" out of component cards.
I had even got to the point of creating the cars in "pages" and printing them out. We had a good friend of ours who owns a game company give some amazing feedback on the game. Well I got a job,, moved continents and two computers later I assumed that those files were lost forever! This last weekend I upgraded my computer with the latest version of OsX .. One of the features uncovered all of the working files for the card game!!

So here is what I am going to do! Anyone who would like I play test this game here .. 

You will need to have access to a printer so you can print out the cards. Any and all feedback for the game will be appreciated. Send feedback to 

Monday, October 14, 2013

New sword

Those who know me know that I tend to dabble in the martial arts. This basically means that I take a few classes but I'm really not all that dangerous. The extent of my martial arts skills are to scare the shit out of a mugger who has never taken a lesson in his life. (But really do you need much more?) 

So wanting to be in better shape I ordered a bokken (Wooden practice sword ) from eBay. It arrived today.. I took it out and started to practice. The neighbors are now convinced my last name is Adams. 

1 week later 
So part of my personal training is to do sword cuts. This sounds easy at first. You hold the sword over your head. Draw all the way back then come down hard till the blade is just about eye level while keeping control repete till your arms and shoulders hurt. So far I can go 130 rounds . 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Poly Problems Part 2

Back by popular demand 

Poly problems part two

-The "who's underwear is this?" Question becomes less awkward but more confusing, 

-Where to put your other arm when you cuddle .... You think it was tough with only two people? 

-Having to not kiss your lover when they come to pick you up for a lunch date because the Epic Drama Typhoon from co-workers

-Business trips:   lonely = ( total amount of lovers x days away) 

-No matter how hard you try you will never convince person "A" that you are not interested in person "B" because they are not poly. 

-Insecure people always think you are trying to steal their "Woman" / "Man" (steal ? Really? .... We are not even going to start the possession topic) 

-Having to remember phrases like "vanilla" "chocolate" and "Rocky Road "

-Personal time is now on the endangered species list 

-Holiday dinners with the family 

- Having to tell your lovers coworker that its ok .. No the marrage is not in trouble ... No you don't need anyone to talk to.. No you are not being abused....look it's very nice but I need to get ready for my date

-Having to explain the word "Frubble" 

-Sidewalks are designed for two people to walk side by side. 

-The strange phenomenon where people find the whole sleeping with someone else's wife is acceptable till they find out you have permission.  Then you get labeled a slimeball ..."Because cheating is ok"  WTF!!!

-That hottie can't understand that you are just not interested in them because you are "poly starurated" 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Facebook really does not like to think about what it's doing ?

Facebook seems to be systematically removing images of bodyart regardless of what the content is .. be that nude in a bathing suit or otherwise..