Friday, October 25, 2013

Card games

So all geeks love games...

So a few years back when I was unemployed I came up with the idea of a card game where the players would have to build "spells" out of component cards.
I had even got to the point of creating the cars in "pages" and printing them out. We had a good friend of ours who owns a game company give some amazing feedback on the game. Well I got a job,, moved continents and two computers later I assumed that those files were lost forever! This last weekend I upgraded my computer with the latest version of OsX .. One of the features uncovered all of the working files for the card game!!

So here is what I am going to do! Anyone who would like I play test this game here .. 

You will need to have access to a printer so you can print out the cards. Any and all feedback for the game will be appreciated. Send feedback to 

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