Monday, September 30, 2013

Poly Problems Part 2

Back by popular demand 

Poly problems part two

-The "who's underwear is this?" Question becomes less awkward but more confusing, 

-Where to put your other arm when you cuddle .... You think it was tough with only two people? 

-Having to not kiss your lover when they come to pick you up for a lunch date because the Epic Drama Typhoon from co-workers

-Business trips:   lonely = ( total amount of lovers x days away) 

-No matter how hard you try you will never convince person "A" that you are not interested in person "B" because they are not poly. 

-Insecure people always think you are trying to steal their "Woman" / "Man" (steal ? Really? .... We are not even going to start the possession topic) 

-Having to remember phrases like "vanilla" "chocolate" and "Rocky Road "

-Personal time is now on the endangered species list 

-Holiday dinners with the family 

- Having to tell your lovers coworker that its ok .. No the marrage is not in trouble ... No you don't need anyone to talk to.. No you are not being abused....look it's very nice but I need to get ready for my date

-Having to explain the word "Frubble" 

-Sidewalks are designed for two people to walk side by side. 

-The strange phenomenon where people find the whole sleeping with someone else's wife is acceptable till they find out you have permission.  Then you get labeled a slimeball ..."Because cheating is ok"  WTF!!!

-That hottie can't understand that you are just not interested in them because you are "poly starurated" 

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