Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Geek insults !

  • You always play Kinder don't you?
  • Let me guess. When the GM requires a social interaction you reach for your dice before opening your mouth. 
  • Shit man I thought pacman had a moderation problem 
  • Still experimenting with inviting girls to game night I see. 
  • Ahh!!!! I see you are from the Keanu Reeves school of character development. 
  •  Wait! Wait don't tell me ..... Fighter/wizard/thief .......again! 
  • Your so picky about the rules you invite your lawyer to game night. 
  • In the character sheet of real life.. How many points did you get for adding the disadvantage of "asshole" 
  • Oooh your cool I bet you are really popular in Azaroth! 
  • Oh don't mind him ..last night His mom sent him to bed before experience was awarded. 
  • Don't mind him ... His alignment is chaotic stupid. 
  • Wow is that a ring of -4 social interaction ? 
  • People!!!!....this is why we balance gaming with physical activity
  •  Dude!!!  Life skills don't have a score! 
  • Really?_______ I was expexting Magic missile? At the darkness?  

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