Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Studio night and tech support

Studio night is where I get a chance to paint .. Not always with my body painting but my other projects. I find that to be an artist you must always try to improve ones skills. And the best part of being an artist is that it's all connected. 

Example : working on sculpture does help your painting when it comes to understanding how a 3d object should look. 

So tonight I am going to be working on some video editing and perhaps work on learning how to speak Japanese. 

I am just hoping that something does not try to pull me away from my work as I am looking forward to painting.


So I got this chance to put on the headset again and do tech support over the phone. I love doing tech support and working from home will save me 2 hours of commuting every day. Not to mention the cost of having to have a ticket every day. All around it sounds like a good idea . 

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