Thursday, September 12, 2013

Poly problems humour

Poly problems

The various problems someone who is poly might encounter 

-Needing to remember the correct safeword for your current partner,......."Potato!! Jellyfish!! PEPERSTAKE!!!!!!!!!!?"

-Calendar sync server maintenance and end up on the wrong date night. 
"Whoops !!!! .... Ummm urrrr sorry .. Wrong house.... Oh and honey don't forget Bobby has a parent teacher conference on Tuesday...."

- Needing an excel spreadsheet for allergies , dietary requirements of your lovers lovers. 

-Having to figure out the correct punctuation for "Lover's lovers" 

-Having to rehearse the "No I'm not jealous " speech 

-Having to rehearse the "I'm not cheating " speech 

-Valentines Day 

-Having to apologise to (Total Lovers x Their Partners) x ( severity of issue / communication skill)  for an asshole remark said at the wrong time 

- Creating ringtones for all your lovers. 

-Watching drama on TV and shouting "COMMUNICATION!!!! COMMUNICATION!!!   Awwwww YOU IDIOT" Like you are watching a sports game! 

~Kevin C. Mason

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