Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How I spend my time

Still working on time to paint. Problem with all my hobbies is that they all take up time. 

Gaming and RPGs don't take up as much time as people think its just that they can take up all your time if you let them. I'm finding that if I have one night a week to game this works nicely. 

Digital time sinks 
I limit my gaming to when I am on the train and only on my phone. As for Facebook and other social networks I have to limit what I do to only 30 min a day (unless I am actively promoting something ) 

Dating ? 
As you can imagine being poly does take up time. Being a husband and a father I try very hard to balance my time accordingly. Most good parents error on the side of "not going out" .. However this can stil be a problem 
. I am currently trying to find time to visit my girlfriend when we are not surrounded by friends and family. It's going to get to the point where my wife and her my have to conspire to find time.. They are good at that . At this point I have a "no new relationships" rule. Feeling that I must take care of the relationships that are currently on my plate before starting something new.

Now for the body painting .. I'm happy that I have a weekly gig. It's really making me think. I have to come up with something new every week. I love the challenge. And to be honest as long as I keep my brushes moving I am happy. 

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